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The New Era of Technology: ELAMOR Keyless Door Lock

ELAMOR Keyless Door Lock for Home

Many people think about how to turn their normal home into a smart one but don´t know where to begin, well in this blog today we will talk about one of the first pieces that you can change to start this process, one of the most important actually, the entry lock.

This new era of technology has many options to make your life easier and today we present you the first one, the keyless entry deadbolt lock, yes keys are past tense with this new type of lock, and did you know you have many ways to open your door without using a key?

elamor dock lock

So, let’s talk about some of its features like for example how cool will your door look with this awesome keyless door lock with a keypad, plus it becomes illuminated with a single touch so you won´t have any vision problems when it comes to typing your password at night. Now, this keyless door lock prevents you from having to copy your key and give it to all your family since you can set a password for everyone at home with a limit of 50 different codes plus the master code to optimize security. On the other hand, if for some reason you forget your passcode there is no problem it has a mechanical keyed override lock available as a backup. This keyless door lock is safe in every way.

dock key bluetooth

Another benefit of having this smart door lock is that you won´t have any problem with the installation thanks to its adaptive left and right door design. Have you ever had the problem of buying a door lock but when you got home you had to go back to the store and change it because the door orientation was wrong? Well, no more of that, with this keyless door lock you won´t have to worry about if your door is installed on the left or right side because this key lock adapts to your door no matter which side it is orientated to. Plus, it doesn´t have any difficult requirements to be installed you can do it yourself! It will only take about 15 minutes and a screwdriver to get it done, we know that not everybody has a locksmith´s capabilities that’s why the design of this keyless door lock is meant to be user-friendly when it comes to installation so that everyone can do it fast and without any troubles.

family dock key

Now let’s talk more about the safety of this keyless door lock, we know that many are afraid of possible hack attacks but fear not! The premium security chip and the solid lock cylinder will prevent all of these problems from happening so you don´t have to worry about breaches or stuff like that with this keyless door lock you can be sure you will rest safely. Other recurrent questions from users might be, what happens if it gets wet by accident or when it rains? Once again there is no need to worry because it has an IP54 waterproof design making it impervious to rain and to any kind of liquid that you might accidentally drop on it. And last but not least how can you know when to change the batteries? Well, the keyless door lock has a low battery indicator that will keep you informed about the battery status and when you need to replace it but this won´t be needed soon since its battery, in normal circumstances, should last at least a year or so. Having all these features makes you know that this keyless door entry lock is perfectly designed to be used for front doors in homes or apartments.

dock lock m15

Among other benefits let´s talk about one special feature of this keyless door lock, and for that, I have to ask you something first, Has it ever happened to you that you have your hands full of groceries or you are carrying the baby and you can´t close your door or the feeling of having forgotten to lock the door on your way out, and you only have two options, in this case, the first one would be, trust in yourself and believe that you did close it and walk away but you know that ugly feeling of not being sure will hunt you all day, the second option would be to go back home and make sure that your door is closed and head out with the possibility of going late to wherever you were going in the first place, well we know how awful it is when these things happen that is why this keyless door lock has a special feature called Safety Auto Lock, 

designed to give you peace of mind since you can program your keyless door lock to automatically lock itself within three to thirty seconds after you open it, just imagine the relieve of leaving your house and knowing that your door will always be locked it is just priceless.

So to sum up we will give a quick check about all the benefits of getting this awesome keyless door lock, first, you get the maximum convenience since you don´t have to get your keys copied to give one to every member of your family, just set a passcode for each member and it´s done you can even set temporary passcodes if you need to grant access to the person that walks your pet when you are on a trip for example and you can keep track of every person that comes in or out from your home with the app, and it has an alarm function too that we forgot to mention earlier if you input a wrong code for five times it will automatically lock within 90 seconds, you can be sure of its durability and anti-hack security because of the special chip and also you already know that rain is not a problem either thanks to its IP54 waterproof protection. If you want to go smart this is the best way to start, your safety and happiness are guaranteed just try it out and see it for yourself.

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