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ELAMOR’s Keyless Door Lock: Locking & Unlocking Versatility

Keyless Door Lock: Locking & Unlocking

Today we will be looking at the new high-tech product from ELAMOR, the amazing keyless entry deadbolt door lock! This smart door lock does not require a key to be unlocked, in fact it has multiple ways it can be unlocked. Each of these ways is able to be suitable to tend to different needs, including its use in homes and businesses. The best way to explore these unlocking methods is to see them in action in various scenarios. Let’s check them out!

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  • APP Unlock: This method allows you to unlock the keyless door lock using the power of your smartphone. All you have to do is open the app on your phone and it will give you the option of unlocking the door. You can even lock the door this way too! This can be very useful if you tend to forget your keys, or perhaps you had to leave in a hurry in the morning to get to work or class, or maybe the bank, or an important meeting, and didn’t have a chance to grab your keys on the way out. Another use for this is if one of your family members needs to get in the door, but for some odd reason they are not able to unlock the smart lock themselves, so you can unlock the door for them without having to get up from where you are and go to the door. This also works well when you have invited friends over for a meal and cannot leave the kitchen to open the door because the food will burn. Just whip out your smart phone and unlock the door for them.

Lock door Elamor

  • SmartKey: With this, you can use a key card as a smart key as a method to unlock the smart keyless door lock. It works in much of the same way key cards do at hotels. As a matter of fact, this is how most people use the smart key method of entry. It works great when you have properties with temporary guest rentals, like Airbnb. This way, your tenants can come and go as they please without bothering you or your loved ones with the door. One of the added benefits of this unlocking method is that if due to some unfortunate circumstance the key card is either lost or stolen, you can easily block it instantly through the app and render it useless for any would-be trespassers that may attempt to make ill use of it.

smart lock door

  • Passcode: This is the ultimate keyless unlock and entry method, as you do not need to make use of any keys, or key cards, or even take out your smart phone and enter the app to unlock the door. The only little thing you need to do is to input the correct passcode on the smart keyless door lock’s number pad, and like magic, the deadbolt lock will unlock, and allow you to get inside. Now, you may say “That is all well and good when you need to unlock the door and get inside, but what happens when you need the opposite, meaning you need to leave the house or apartment and need to lock the door? Do you need smart phone to lock as you said before?” The answer is no, you do not need your phone to lock the door when you are leaving your home. All you need to do is input the same passcode in the smart lock’s number pad and press the lock sign in order to lock the door. Cool, right? It does not stop there either, as with ELAMOR’s smart keyless deadbolt door lock you can set up to 50 different passcodes. This means that every member of the family can have his or her own passcode. This is especially useful when you want to keep track of the comings and goings of your family, as the smart door lock is smart enough to keep a log of all the interactions it has, a log which can be easily viewed on the app in your smart phone. To put this into context, it can be useful if you have a teenager in the family that is starting to go out with friends more and coming back late. You can set a curfew for them and know if they kept it without the need of having to wait by the door. And they can’t blame any siblings either because the passcode they use is unique to them. You will also know if they gave the passcode to someone else, and can quickly change it. Another use for the passcodes is if something happens at home while you are not there, and need a neighbor to go in and rescue your pets or something else of value. You can give them a one-time passcode so that they can unlock the door and come to the rescue.
  • Keys: With so many options to unlock and lock the smart keyless deadbolt door lock, you may be thinking “With all this, there is no longer a need to have actual mechanical keys anymore.” You may be right, however ELAMOR has decided that in the case that the door cannot be unlocked by any of the methods mentioned above, they have included a set of mechanical keys to override the lock for emergencies, as an additional backup.

smart lock door

Some of you may be wondering how the smart keyless entry deadbolt door lock can connect with your smart phone in order to be locked and unlocked. The answer is simple. You can easily control your ELAMOR electronic lock anytime, and anywhere with its built-in Wi-Fi connect bridge. And before you ask, no additional gateway is required. You can unlock your door, share Ekeys, check logs and manage users. Quickly and easily share permanent, temporary or scheduled access with friends, family, and never hide a key under the doormat again. WI-FI digital smart lock makes your life smarter and more convenient, perfect for home use, apartment, garage, cellar, etc.

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