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New year's resolution #1: A safer and convenient home.

2023 it's just around the corner, and it's time to set new goals and embrace new plans. Usually our house improvement plans are in the list but somehow end up forgotten. Now, when it comes to your family's safety, leaving those tasks undone only leaves to an unease state of mind.

So let's change that. You have many ways to secure your home: security cameras, electric fences, and more, but there's one that's so simple and effective as it gets: A Smart door lock.

In previous blogs entries we have shown this little magnificent piece of engineering, that has been able to change the way we enter our homes and give us peace of mind at the same time. But there's much more to explore about them, today we want to show you 3 key moments you're going to love having an ELAMOR@ smart lock and the 3 main reasons you should hurry up and get yours now.

3 Key moments when you're going to need an ELAMOR Smart lock.

New Year's Eve Dinner.

Imagine this with us: Relatives are coming to your house, you expect almost 30 people over. Good news, the kitchen it's your place in the world, and you love to cook exquisite meals for friends and family.

You have bought every item in your list, you stared shopping days ago. Even bought those grapes your Nana loves to eat at the strike of midnight… wait… where are they? You search the entire kitchen, nothing.

This is how that terror movies start, right? Thank God we live in the 21st century and apps are running on New Year's Eve. You grab your phone and the problem it's solve, in 20 minutes the guy with the grapes it's in the front door.

But that gravy has to be supervised while it's being cooked. How will you answer the door at the same time?

ELAMOR has your back. You have ELAMOR M19 WIFI SMART LOCK KEYLESS ENTRY DOOR LOCK installed in your front door. You ask Alexa to open the front door and the grapes are in the house right on time before Nana arrives.

The Play date.

Your youngest, it's having a play date with 2 other friends from school. You know, how kids can move from one place to another in minutes. All the house becomes a giant playground. While they are playing, you have to keep working on that presentation that's due tomorrow.

And suddenly 3 tiny faces are facing you. “Mom, can we play in the front yard too?” Suburban life guaranties that it's safe to go outside, not too many cars passing by, but still is better to be safe than sorry, you have to be around. “Ok, I'll go check on you guys”. At the same time, you think to yourself: “I'll take the notebook and keep working outside”.

You go to the front yard and within 10 minutes 3 tiny faces are facing you, again. “We are thirsty” they said. Ok, let's get back inside - you say - rolling down your eyes and checking the clock to see how much is it until the parents come pick the other kids.

In a glimpse, you are grabbing your notebook while the kids run through the steps. Suddenly all becomes a slow motion picture you see your youngest trip over the last step an fall down straight in the ground.

He starts crying, and you see a small blooded wound on his knee. You rush with the children inside the house to wash and heal the small wound with antiseptic and a big kiss. Nothing mayor.

In all that rush, you forgot something. Did you lock the door? Nope, you didn't. But once again we have your back. You have our bestseller ELAMOR SMART KEYLESS LOCK M22 BLUETOOTH SMART LOCK you can have your mind at peace knowing the autolock system works like a charm. Even in chaos, you know your home and loved ones are safe.

A lot in our plate.

The final days of the year are always a challenge. A tight agenda with almost no time to relax. Chores, work, commitments, and even that tedious traffic, your day filled with activities.

You left our house at 7am this morning, and you're finally coming back at 7pm. You park the car, grab your phone and see that you forgot to charge it at work, you have only 1% of battery!

But your favorite neighbor, Sarah, has other plans. She saw you and wants to discuss that thing about the tree and when it's the perfect time to trim the branches. You try to make it brief, no more than 3 minutes of talk. As she says goodbye, you feel exhausted.

Now let's get inside and relax. But your battery just went off completely. How are you getting inside now? Which was that emergency code? Nothing comes to your mind. You have lock yourself out. Luckily for you, ELAMOR has your back once more. ELAMOR ELECTRONIC KEYPAD DEADBOLT WITH HANDLE M19 SET has those backup keys remember? You left one in your car in case something like this could happen. Problem solve.

Forget about misplacements, your ELAMOR smart lock has multiple entry ways for your convenience.

3 Reasons to buy an ELAMOR smart lock:

  1. Safety first: our smart door locks are made of zinc alloy & stainless steel frame, sturdy lock cylinder & upgraded chip protects your home. They are prepared to work perfectly under rain or bad weather. Our priority is to keep yours safe and give you that peace of mind you need.

  2. Convenient: modern life requires modern solutions, we know you need more than just a lock. You have to access your house in the leaner possible way, so nothing gets halfway made. That package you have to receive while you are in the office, that friend that comes from another state during work hours. We have your back.

  3. Style: modern style, is not our only style. We know how to blend with that beautiful Victorian or that Tudor style. Because we know you have spent time and invest a lot to make your house a dream home, and you deserve only the best.

As you can see, with our Smart Locks you have everything your family needs to start a smarter, safer and wonderful 2023. Shop yours now!

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