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More Suitable Ways to Open a Smart Lock for Each Family Member

A smart lock is the type of innovation you see once in a blue moon, on the outside it may seem way to simply and you may even think “I don't need that”, but it has the ability to give you peace of mind and the access to a smarter life in a heartbeat.

Let's open the door to knowledge and find out about the different ways you can access your home when an ELAMOR Smart Lock it's installed and which member of the family it's going to love it the most.

From elders to children, a smart lock it's suitable for all family members. In this case favorites are allowed, so we came up with this blog to help you understand a little more the advantages of getting an ELAMOR in your home.


This is great for the children of the family, Wi-Fi access gives you the control and security you require. Kids have important things to take care of, there's no room for paterns or hard numbers combinations, playing and learning it's the most important thing in their agenda. As parents we need to provide a safe, warm environment where they can grow and experiment, this stage is full of information and new stuff so misplacing or forgetting something is not something strange on a daily basis.

That's why if your kids arrived and forgot their code or keys you can grant access to the house with a simple touch in your phone, whether you are in the kitchen cooking, or in the office working, they can access directly from the app or call you to get inside.


Teenagers can leave the house without their heads, but never without their phones.

Always plugged in, they have battery and connections secure every step of the way. That's why they love Bluetooth access. Just getting their mobile close to the smart lock and that's it, they are inside the house ready to take that important BFF's call before studying.

And with access logs, you can control the different curfews without doubts or argues.


With so many options to unlock and lock the smart keyless deadbolt door lock, you may be thinking “With all this, there is no longer a need to have actual mechanical keys anymore.”

But we decided to include a spare set of traditional keys, just in case. For our elders technology can be a little overwhemling at times, so this is the perfect combination for a smarter life and the respect and patience they need.

We are not saying they should only use the keys, surely there are some special dates such as birthdays or anniversaries they will remember efortless to be used as passcodes. But in case they forget, or maybe bad weather won't let them operate the touchpad, or simply prefer to use the key: the possibility is at hand.

Voice Control

It's definitely mom's favorite. Alexa it's a great helper when we are trying to get things done around a full house. Cleaning, cooking, and tiding up after children can be very time and mind consuming.

Smart Locks with Wi-Fi access can be paired with Alexa to control remotely with a simple voice command. “Alexa, open the front door” it's the new Open Sesamy.

That's why it's a great solution when you're multitasking around the house.


When you're the head of the family, you need control over the things that involve your loved ones. That's one of the main reasons to get everyone their personal code.

With access to the logs, you can control, as we mention before, from the children curfews to the times your dog walker got inside to get your dog.

You can also create temporal passwords for your neighbors when you're on a trip and they are cheking your house and pets, or for the maid that comes to clean while you're at work and there's nobody home.

Now it's time for Our Pick for The Whole Family

Smart Lock M22


Everything you need to make your home a smarter and safer place:

  • Convenient Keyless Entry: This lock allows easy home access, with a mechanical key override lock available as a backup.

  • Durability and Security: This smart door lock is tested to handle the comings and goings of your home for over 30 years.

  • Bluetooth Control Via Smart Life App: One tap to unlock your door lock via Smart Life App within the Bluetooth signal.

  • Easy to Install and Program: With 15 minutes and a screwdriver, you can install the lock without a locksmith’s help.

  • Auto-lock & Multi-user: The completely hands-free auto-lock gives you peace of mind and supports 50 individual accesses.

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